Some Affiliate Marketing Help and Tips

Making money with online affiliate programs can be ideal for many people who would like to work from home. People can use their own websites, blogs, or even social networks to advertise a variety of companies. In return, these companies will pay the affiliate whenever a visitor clicks through that advertisement and takes a particular action. The action might be making a sale, filling out a lead form, or even simply visiting the advertiser’s website.


People who are new to this type of idea might need some affiliate marketing help. The first thing they may need to do is select the right program.

Which Affiliate Programs Are Best?

There is not one best program for each affiliate. Most people who own websites or blogs do better by choosing an advertising scheme that is somehow related to the topic of their site. For example, a site for new moms might want to advertise baby products. A site about home repairs might want to advertise tools or local home improvement stores.

In other words, it is best to consider the audience when selecting good programs. It is also probably wise to test out different types of programs to see which one functions best.

There are some affiliate networks that actually allow their members to select from hundreds of different types of advertisers, and these can be good for people who are just starting out. These large networks also usually supply some affiliate marketing help, and that is another reason they can be good for novices.

Which Type of Payment Action Is Best?

Affiliate programs might pay per sale (PPS), pay per click (PPC), or pay per lead (PPL). Some even pay for simple views of the advertisement (PPV). Again, there is not one best solution for every affiliate marketer. This is another thing that should be tested to find out which type of program earns the most money.

One example of a very large PPS program is found at In this case, the affiliate is paid every time that a visitor clicks through the advertisement and buys something from the Amazon website. The consumer does not even have to purchase the item that was advertised, but could navigate around the site and end up buying something else.

An example of a famous PPC program is Google Adsense. In this case, Google supplies a snippet of code that is placed on the site.

Google displays ads based upon the topic of the website or the Internet user’s past history. If the visitor clicks through the advertisement, the affiliate will get paid some percentage of the click value. This is true even if the visitor does not end up buying anything.

Where To Find Affiliate Marketing Help?

There are plenty of places to get more information. There are, for example, dozens of sites, blogs, and forums that discuss this business. Larger affiliate programs also usually provide tools and advice for their affiliates. They only succeed when their marketers succeed.


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